Heathrow press releases

13 September, 2016

Parliamentary support for Heathrow expansion grows as Government decision looms

Apprentices and Stephen Crabb MP


  • With decision on airport expansion expected in the coming weeks, new polling reveals 67% of MPs support a third runway at Heathrow giving the Government confidence that it would gain overwhelming support in a parliamentary vote 
  • The ComRes poll comes as Heathrow announced it would look at ways to connect Britain to growth cheaper and sooner as a result of the Brexit vote
  • Conservative MP Stephen Crabb made a direct appeal to the Prime Minister to expand the nation’s only hub airport


The Prime Minister can count on the support of Parliament if she were to greenlight Heathrow expansion as new polling by ComRes revealed 67% of MPs back the project.

With the Government pulling together its strategy to help Britain succeed in a post-Brexit world, Heathrow announced it was looking at options to secure more vital hub capacity that would connect Britain to growth cheaper and sooner. Nearly half of MPs also said that an expanded Heathrow delivers the biggest long-term boost to the British economy of major infrastructure projects, more than four times the number who say the same for Gatwick.


Stephen Crabb MP said:

“After visiting Heathrow this week, I’m convinced now more than ever that we need to get on with expanding our hub airport.

“Expanding Heathrow will bring real benefits to communities up and down our country, unlock new trading routes for our small business exporters and create thousands of apprenticeships for our young people – and that’s why a third runway is overwhelmingly backed in Parliament.

“We were elected to take the tough decisions and to deliver the infrastructure that allows the whole country to thrive – greenlighting Heathrow ticks all the boxes. This is a project that all Conservatives can get behind – and it’s great that Heathrow are looking at ways they can deliver more trade and more jobs cheaper and quicker.”  


Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said:

“Parliament overwhelmingly supports expanding Heathrow and it’s clear why. We already do what Gatwick can’t, connecting every corner of Britain to growth around the globe.  

“In June we committed to being a better neighbour by accepting the Airports Commission’s conditions for expansion and now after Brexit we’re looking at how we can add more hub capacity cheaper and quicker. 

“Only Heathrow delivers growth for all the UK and not just in the South. The Prime Minister can be confident that greenlighting Heathrow she’ll be kick-starting her vision to build a stronger, fairer Britain for everyone.”




Notes to editors:

ComRes surveyed 150 MPs online and by paper self-completion questionnaire between 10th June and 8th August 2016. Data were weighted to reflect the exact composition of the House of Commons in terms of party representation and regional constituency distribution. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Data tables are available on the ComRes website, www.comres.co.uk