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04 May, 2016

Heathrow statement on Transport Select Committee report



Commenting on the Transport Select Committe's report on airport expansion in the South East, a Heathrow spokesperson said:

“The real, independent evidence continues to point towards Heathrow.  The Transport Committee and the Prime Minister’s Airports Commission have confirmed that an expanded Heathrow will be an economic powerhouse driving jobs creation across the UK and fuelling a boom in British exports.

“Families and businesses across the nation are counting on the Prime Minister to secure Britain's long term future.  Only an expanded Heathrow delivers and now is the time to make it happen.”


In its thrid report on Airport Expansion in the South East, the Transport Select Committee said: 

Expansion at Heathrow offers the greatest economic benefit and would do more to improve connectivity internationally and within the UK. We recognise that local residents and environmental campaigners have raised legitimate concerns; these deserve serious consideration. We do not under-estimate the scale of the challenge but we believe that the noise and environmental effects can be managed as part of the pre-construction phase after a decision has been made on location, as can the challenge of improving surface access and devising suitable schemes for compensation for residents in affected communities. It is vital that a decision is taken. We recommend that the Government take a decision on location at the earliest possible opportunity. We would prefer that decision to be for the construction of a third runway at Heathrow, together with the package of accompanying measures recommended by the Airports Commission.


The Transport Select Committee's full report  on airport expansion in the South East can be found here.

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