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02 December, 2014

Heathrow Airport Wins West London Business’ Green Award

Heathrow Wins Green Award



In recognition of its work to improve local air quality, Heathrow Airport has won the title of greenest business of the year at the 2014 West London Business Awards.

In its assessment, the West London Business awards committee considered the goals laid out in Responsible Heathrow, the airport’s sustainability strategy, including the airport’s pledge to reduce ground-based NOx[1] emissions (aircraft, airside vehicles and airport related traffic) by 5% by 2020. In line with this policy, this year the airport has:


  • Promoted the introduction of next generation aircraft with lower emissions;
  • Added new electric vehicles to those in use at the airport, which already operates one of Europe’s largest airside electric vehicle fleets;
  • Hosted the UK’s first publically accessible hydrogen fuelling station
  • And introduced hybrid buses around the airport, in the UK’s only airport free travel zone.

Through these steps and other activities, Heathrow has reduced NOx emissions from every source since 2009, for example, from airside vehicles by 28%, and from heating plant by 70%.

Heathrow’s Director of Sustainability, Matt Gorman said:

“Heathrow Airport has and continues to be a major economic driver in our region, and an indispensable part of London’s business community. We believe the benefits Heathrow brings need not come at the expense of local air quality, and we are committed to reducing our environmental impacts and acting a good neighbour to local residents. That is why this recognition is so important to us, and why we will continue to work to maintain our place as West London’s greenest business.”

West London Business Chief Executive Frank Wingate said:

“Well done to Heathrow for winning the Green Award at the West London Business Awards. The airport has put in a lot of work in recent years to meet its environmental challenges and our judges were impressed by both the scale of the work and the measurable achievements, in what was a very competitive category. This is an aspect of Heathrow’s work that is not generally recognised.”

[1] Emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are important as they contribute to concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), a pollutant regulated by the EU.


Notes to Editors:

For more information or Responsible Heathrow, please visit http://www.heathrowairport.com/about-us/community-and-environment/responsible-heathrow


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