Heathrow press releases

13 October, 2014

Heathrow traffic and business commentary September 2014

Control Tower and Virgin Atlantic 2

Passenger growth at Heathrow continued to be supported by larger, fuller, quieter aircraft. Seats per aircraft increased 0.4% to 204.8, while load factors increased 1.1 percentage points to 81%. Passengers per aircraft rose 1.5% to 165.9

Within emerging markets, passenger volumes increased 17.6% to Mexico, 14.9% to China and 10.3% to Brazil

Heathrow continued to welcome the transfer passengers that make such long-haul routes viable, with volumes increasing 2.9%

Cargo was up 7.8% overall, increasing 57.2% to Mexico, 52.2% to Nigeria, 37.1% to Russia, 25.6% to China and 20.8% to India

Two independent polls underlined growing support for Heathrow’s expansion amongst MPs and local residents. A majority of MPs now support an additional runway at Heathrow, with 91% of those who support also believing it will secure parliamentary approval (Ipsos MORI). Local residents are also more in favour of expansion at Heathrow, with 49% supporting an additional runway and 32% opposing (Populus)

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said:

“September saw growing support from MPs and local residents for expansion at Heathrow as the best solution to the UK’s hub capacity crisis. Heathrow handles a quarter of all British exports by value, but is full. More and more people are asking "how can we double Britain's exports if we don't expand Heathrow?.”