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03 April, 2014

Heathrow in top 10 alongside the best in the corporate world for responsible business

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Heathrow’s commitment to responsible business has been recognised in Business in the Community’s annual benchmarking, the Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index). It is the only airport and transport service business to be included in the top 10, achieving four stars out of five, with just one business receiving the next level of four and a half stars.

The CR Index provides businesses with insight into how they are driving responsible business practice that will help secure a sustainable future. The 2014 CR Index results, announced at Responsible Business Week, provided the most challenging set of questions since its launch in 2002. The findings indicate that real the progress is being made by Heathrow and other UK companies to integrate responsible behaviour into their business.

Heathrow was awarded four stars for its management and performance of key material CR issues, developing specific and measurable targets and ensuring these are delivered in the best possible way. This includes a health and safety engagement programme which has led to reduced passenger and staff injuries in the past year and the Heathrow Academy which has been successful in supporting local people into jobs for ten years. Heathrow also demonstrated 3 years of performance improvement for environmental and social impact areas; reducing the impact of waste, water and carbon emissions from the airport while providing valuable habitats for protected wildlife and important community facilities, which also contributed to the achievement.

Heathrow received the ‘Platinum Big Tick’ from Business in the Community last year, which meant it could maintain this title for a year, but instead the UK’s only hub airport chose to re-enter this year to take on the new challenging questions to receive regular independent feedback on how to improve year on year.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Sustainability Director, says: ‘We’re delighted to receive this accolade for our commitment to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way. We have set ourselves stretching targets as a company to be achieved by 2020 and are committed to continuously improving our performance year on year.’

Heathrow has recently won its sixth Biodiversity Benchmark award in a row, as well as a Sustainability Leaders Award for the new Terminal 2. Heathrow was also named ‘Champion of Champions’, winning four International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice and Sustainable Development late last year. These awards reflect Heathrow’s continued commitment to enhancing the local, regional and national economic and social benefits of the airport.

About the CR Index

Business in the Community's CR Index is the UK’s leading voluntary benchmark of corporate responsibility. It has been run by Business in the Community since 2002, providing businesses with a robust framework to help companies systematically measure, manage and integrate responsible business practice into mainstream business strategy and operations. It also allows businesses to benchmark against competitors and to transparently communicate progress to stakeholders.

The CR Index takes the form of an online survey where companies follow a self-assessment process intended to help them identify both the strengths in their management and performance, and the gaps where future progress can be made. The CR Index is evidence based where participants are asked to provide relevant evidence as part of their submission which is validated by Business in the Community’s expert reviewers.

The 2014 CR Index scores participating companies against the following areas of responsible business, Corporate Strategy, Integration, Management, Performance and Impact. This year 98 companies participated publicly. www.bitc.org.uk/crindex

About Responsible Business Week

Society is facing unprecedented challenges as social, economic, and environmental forces converge in unexpected ways. As the world emerges from recession towards growth, business has a powerful new opportunity to shape a strong recovery that is inclusive and sustainable. Responsible Business Week aims to inspire, equip and challenge businesses to do more to meet the world’s most pressing needs. In doing so, they will unlock innovation and opportunity and demonstrate the positive impact of business in society.

The week brings together businesses and innovators from around the world through events, debates and online activity. It enables businesses to explore new possibilities for collaboration and develop the bold new ideas, practical action and behaviours necessary to build a fairer society and a more sustainable, prosperous future.

Responsible Business Week is convened by Business in the Community in partnership with Veolia Environnement.

www.responsiblebusinessweek.org #RBweek

About Business in the Community

Business in the Community is a business-led charity committed to shaping a new contract between business and society.

We have over 30 years’ experience forging better relationships between business and society, driven by a unique collaboration of business leaders. We stimulate action by challenging and supporting thousands of businesses to create a fairer society and a more sustainable future - through our local, national and international campaigns.

Business in the Community is one of The Prince’s Charities, a group of not-for-profit organisations of which The Prince of Wales is president. www.bitc.org.uk


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